When disaster struck our house over the winter and I needed someone fast to repair a collapsing chimney, I called John Markowski of Dream Builders and Remodeling. Within a few hours, John was on our roof in subzero temperatures and in two feet of snow securing the chimney, taking photos and handling all of the necessary contacts with the insurance company.   As soon as weather permitted, John and his team were back on the roof reconstructing the damaged chimney.  The repair was done timely, the work site was cleaned up at the end of each day and I was amazed at the final result.  People chuckle when I tell them how excited I am with my chimney.  But it truly is a work of art!  I recommend John and Dream Builders and Remodeling to anyone who is seeking prompt, quality service for all of their remodeling and construction needs.”

Karen L. – Ballston Lake
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