Does your home need a major remodel or just a facelift?

The term “remodeling” or “renovation” can encompass a broad range of job sizes.  Technically, renovation is more about repairing deficiencies or upgrading the functionality of your home.  Remodeling is often more about updating décor, fixtures, space or the style of your home.  In either case, the two terms are use loosely to describe performing work on ones’ home.  The real question is whether or not to perform a major remodel or just a cosmetic fix-up of your home.  At Dream Builders, we perform a wide range of both of these types of projects ranging from simple painting and trim updates to complete home remodels including such items as additions, kitchens, finishing the basement, moving walls on the interior of the home, bathrooms, and exterior modifications.  Sometimes all of the above are included in a single project!  In fact, we have become quite adept at working in almost all areas of a clients home at any point in a project while simultaneously keeping everyone in the family happy during the process – a sure sign of a company who knows how to properly manage this type of a project.  Here are a few ideas for good smaller project types that will give you a good return on investment:


Door and Window Replacement – This is one of the most popular small projects we do.  Over time, doors can shrink and swell with humidity, get beat up from “living” in the home, or develop problems such as broken seals in glass inserts.  Sometimes the solution is just to replace the units rather than invest in having them repaired.  You will likely get better performance, greatly improved efficiency,  and an upgrade in style for just a little more money.  Windows are also a great money saving option.  The windows of today are so much more energy efficient, coupled with tax incentives to put them in, that our clients are easily able to project their year to year recoupment and realize that the windows will pay for themselves in short order.


Insulation and Ventilation – Many older homes are very poorly insulated or lack the proper ventilation in the roof area to keep moisture at controlled levels.  There are many insulation options these days including batts, blown in, and foams all of which will greatly improve the efficiency of your home.  Basement insulation is also a great upgrade for very little money.  This will not only help keep your basement more temperate, but it will keep the floor above much more pleasant to walk on in the winter.


Cabinet or Counter Upgrades – Kitchens and bathrooms are historically the best place in the home to spend money because they offer the most recoupment if you were to sell your home.  Replacing the counters or cabinets in these rooms without changing the floor plan or appliance locations will give you a great new kitchen or bath on a budget!


Paint and Trim – It always amazes our clients how we can transform rooms in their home with simple paint a trim details.  The difference in a plain box of a room to a pleasant study or dining room is paint choices, chair rail, wall frames, etc.  This is a great way to get a lot for a little.


Exterior Upgrades – Keeping the exterior of your home up just as you would the inside is crucial to avoid future problems with water or insect damage.  It also greatly adds curb appeal to your home.  By replacing siding, weeding/planting in flower beds, and adding some hardscaping or our landscape curbing product (available through our sister company, CurbScapes of New York) you can radically change the way your home looks on a budget.


John Markowski
Dream Builders & Remodeling